Cheap International SMS Service

Are you wasting your money sending international SMS using your mobile operator? Billions of people all over the world literally spend millions of dollars each month by sending a costly SMS service which costs nothing to the mobile company but they charge you enormous money.

Rebtel offers a extremely cheap alternative. You can save upto 93% compared you mobile operator. Want to know more?

Here is how Rebtel SMS service works:

Instead of sending a SMS to a international number, you send a SMS to a Rebtel Local Number (which is linked to a international number if your choice). So when you send a message to rebtel local number you are only charged at local rates which is either Free (based on your mobile plan) or very cheap like 1 cent. Rebtel charges you from as low as 1 cent to send that message to the international number.

The end result is you save upto 90% on the international SMS charges.

You can also download one of the Rebtel Mobile Apps for your iPhone, Android or Blackberry. However, You need to be Rebtel registered member first. Use this special coupon code to get 100% extra credit at Rebtel.

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